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Oh no, are you lost!? Are you confused? Have you lost control? Scope our FAQ to unleash purpose and profundity all over your discombobulated existence!

What are the formal steps to apply for funding from Moloch DAO?

Moloch DAO has an absolutely brilliant system for evaluating grant proposals for projects and grants. To be considered, first you should drink a matcha macca coco latte and regulate your breathing bruh. Second, you should submit a Pre-Application Form to introduce DAO members to your ideas. Third, we highly recommend making a short video to accompany your application, as this will allow your project to gain more exposure to our members and give us something to do while we’re decompressing in the sauna at the end of a long day. If your application advances to the stage of formal consideration, you will be invited to submit a Final Application Form that provides a little more detail about your project. If members like what they see, they will vote for your project/guild to receive funding and you will be anointed with that weird beet juice blood that squeezes out the sides of our vegan burgers. We will even let you preview the questions on the application forms.

What is the difference between a Project and a Guild?

Moloch DAO considers a project to be a one-time distribution of funds. A project can be a functioning company, a ragtag group of researchers, or even a lone wolf with big ideas. A project applies for enough funding to meet their goals.

A guild is a unique appendage of the DAO that will likely reapply for funding on a quarterly basis and comes in two flavors. Operational Guilds (OG) handle internal affairs of the DAO, so unless you are proposing to contribute your efforts in some way that directly involves Moloch you probably aren’t applying to be an OG. 

Research Guilds (RG) are funded to research particular areas of focus, depending on their expertise and design. RGs provide deliverables that serve the Ethereum ecosystem, like technical or UX research reports, educational blogs, videos, infographics, or other assets depending on the scope of their interest. 

WTF is a Guild? Why would I want to be in one?

Simply put, a guild is fucking siiiiiiiiick. Also, guilds are teams that anticipate reapplying for funding every quarter. They are self-governed, autonomous (and potentially even anonymous) organizations of highly intelligent transhumanists that are formed in response to particular research initiatives. Guilds are awesome and you want to be in one if you are also awesome.

How do I start a Moloch DAO Guild?

There is a formal procedure for having your guild recognized as legitimate by the DAO. Follow these procedures to get started (you will not be required to sacrifice any babies).

1. Assemble a team to execute the projects and initiatives of the guild.
2. Fill out the Pre-Application Form with details about your guild.
3. If the DAO likes your pre-application, you'll be invited to submit a Final Application Form.

Throughout this process the DAO may ask you a lot of questions and you'll have to be available to answer them! If your proposal makes it through our vetting process, it will be submitted for an on-chain vote. Then you'll wait and see!

What if I don’t have a project or a guild? Can I still receive funding for writing reports?

Yes! Individuals can submit proposals in response to our current RFPs, found here. You may also identify and define a need that isn’t on our list. Individual research proposals are submitted directly to the DAO’s main operational guild, the Really Boring Guild. Individuals may also apply for project funding during the DAO’s grant application processes for reports that aren’t on our RFPs. Moloch DAO loves to coddle freaky loners and rogue crypto ninjas.

Do you distribute funds in USD?

Naw dawg, we are swimming in Ethereum over here. Your grant will be distributed in DAO member shares that you can then choose to redeem for WETH. This also means that as long as you hold at least one share, you will be considered a member and invited to vote on our grant initiatives, participate in essential operations, and sip spicy chai with the best and the worst of us.

When will I get my money?

Successful applications will be distributed their shares immediately following the Official Vote. Here is our current schedule:

Q2 2021
* Pre-Application Deadline (May 30)
* Final Application Deadline (Jun 6)
* Evaluation Period (May 31 - Jun 16)
* Official Vote (Jun 17 - Jul 1)

Q3 2021
* Pre-Application Deadline (Aug 22)
* Final Application Deadline (Aug 29)
* Evaluation Period  (Aug 23 - Sep 8)
* Official Vote (Sep 9 - Sep 23)

Q4 2021
* Pre-Application Deadline (Nov 28)
* Final Application Deadline (Dec 5)
* Evaluation Period (Nov 29 - 15)
* Official Vote (Dec 16 - Dec 30)

Can I get more money later?

If you receive a grant award from Moloch DAO and you want to reapply later, we recommend that you consider forming a guild and designing your proposal to anticipate your long-term needs. You only need to apply to be a guild once, but will still need to apply for top-up grants.

Wait… you want me to make a video?

Yes, please! We like fancy moving pictures with faces and machines and faces on machines. This is not mandatory, but you might be able to rouse some extra interest in our member community if you present yourself well.

Do I have to become a Moloch DAO member to receive funding?

No, you do not need to apply for DAO membership to receive funding. Once your application is successful, your reward is dispersed in member shares and you will be recognized as a Moloch DAO member until you choose to ragequit (liquidate all your shares). Ragequitters are flayed, plasticized, and put on display near the urinals.

Do I have to participate in DAO governance?

Upon receiving a grant, so long as you end up holding onto at least one share, you will become an official member of the DAO and encouraged to participate in our super rad top secret operations. If you’re not into super rad crypto-ritual shit, then you don’t have to participate.

How can I be more involved in the operations of this DAO?

Oh you ARE into super rad crypto-ritual shit!? We are always looking for solid help in a variety of tasks and we love to work with extraordinary humans, animals, sentient plants, and magical beings. You can proposition members of the Really Boring Guild to see if there are any immediate roles to fill (you can try bribing them with vegan treats) or consider becoming a Moloch DAO member to dive even deeper into those hot steamy loins.

You’re all done being summoned!

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