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Moloch's first sub-guild

Guild1’s funding thesis for Moloch DAO is related to advancing privacy and user experience within the Ethereum ecosystem. Privacy is essential to being able to deliver a positive user experience as we accelerate in building Web3.0. By increasing privacy in how we transact on top of Ethereum, we aim to make Ethereum safer to use than any other smart contracting platform.

In the past few weeks, we have been observing users moving from WhatsApp to Signal as a response to changes in privacy policies, and this can be taken as evidence that when privacy preserving tools start achieving user experience parity with surveillance tools, users will likely opt to not being surveilled.
Ethereum's greatest threat of adoption will be if we are unable to deliver on contributing to a new internet that has improved privacy practices. Why should we expect Web2 users to fully transition to Web3 if you shed more metadata in Web3? 

Early adopters are okay with sacrificing their privacy in days of new all time highs and yield farms galore. But beyond speculative trading, operating and transacting fully out in the open has limited use-cases -- it helps improve operations and transparency for non-profit or social building initiatives, yet there are many use cases for Ethereum beyond this. 

Ethereum has the potential to empower grassroots, activist organizations, and marginalized groups who will benefit from being able to transact more privately. Ethereum also has the potential to be the financial backbone for all organizations of the future, where maintaining privacy is important for competitive advantages. 

Guild1 exists as a body within Moloch DAO to add some fire to Ethereum that will help drive adoption to standards, protocol changes, applications, coding patterns and SDKs that will protect all of our user's fundamental human rights -- with privacy being most at risk of being fully captured by Moloch (not the DAO, but the force that drives the universe).

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