Moloch Guilds
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Collaborate within a guild and then apply for DAO membership. Create your own guild.

We are experimenting with a new guild system within Moloch itself, which encourages strategic grant making within the DAO. Guilds can have different types of projects they are interested in researching and getting funding for. 

The current norm we are establishing is that Guilds will submit a proposal to the DAO for quarterly budgets to pay for operational work. The DAO continuing to fund a Guild is a signal of approval that the work the Guild is doing is adding value.

Guilds will be expected to recruit multisig signers amongst current DAO members and provide spending reports to the DAO. 

If you are interested in organizing a Guild within Moloch and getting compensated for your work, it is required that you first become a member of Moloch DAO. There are two ways to become an official member of the DAO:

1) Contribute 1 share (worth ~$1000) worth of labor for an existing guild, where you will be compensated for your work contribution in DAI. You can then convert this DAI into WETH and submit it as tribute in exchange for 1 share in the DAO.

You can do this now by:Helping with a research report!
2) If you want to skip contributing labor towards the DAO, a minimum of 10 shares will need to be requested requiring a tribute of ~$10,000 in ETH based on current market prices.

For both cases, you still need to be voted in by existing DAO members.

As a member of Moloch, you’ll be able to vote on how DAO funding is distributed and summon new members. Together we can solve coordination failures and sustain Ethereum development!

You’re all done being summoned!

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